MyPet™ ID - Identification microchips and readers for all pets and horses

Founded on a belief that applied technology can enhance the lives of pets and their owners, we provide safe, effective and animal-friendly identificaton that pro-actively solve the real problems pet owners face.

MyPet ID™ is our brand for identification of all pets and horses. This product range consists of RFID bioglass-encapsulated microchips packed in sterile single-use syringe implanters and compatible readers.

RFID microchips

MyPet ID™ 1.4 and MyPet ID™ 2.1 are permanent and unique pet identification solutions, packed in a preloaded single-use and sterile syringe using a sharper and thinner needle. Each syringe comes in an individually sterile pouch with eight barcode stickers.

Monitoring of the individual pet’s temperature

While remaining an identification microchip, MyPet ID™ Temptrack enables to monitor the individual pet’s temperature using a unique and integrated temperature biosensor.

Quality insurance

The MyPet ID™ bioglass-encapsulated microchips secure the animal’s identity, storing a unique and inalterable identification number. The syringes and the packaging are designed to guarantee a longer sterility duration of five years.


All our MyPet ID™ products are of course compliant to the required ISO standards 11784, 11785, 11135 and 11607.