HHR 3000 Pro with short antenna

Robust, waterproof and user friendly handheld reader

HHR 3000 Pro kan lese både Combi E23® FDX-B øremerker for småfe og Combi E30® HDX øremerker for storfe og gris.

  • HHR 3000 Pro med kort antenne, uten Bluetooth: Art. nr. 1998
  • HHR 3000 Pro med kort antenne, med Bluetooth: Art. nr. 1995

High performance

The HHR 3000 Pro may be used with a short or long antenna and panel antenna.

The panel antenna is connected to the reader and may be placed on scales, handling chutes, etc. The reader uses Advanced Digital Decoding technology (ADD), which provides optimum reading of both ISO HDX and FDX-B transponders.

Robust, ergonomical design

The keyboard has large keys and user-friendly functions. A light and audio signal indicates that a reading has been registered.

The HHR 3000 Pro is balanced and fits well into the hand. Robust grip and material ensure that the reader will withstand being dropped on the floor. The reader is waterproof and may be cleaned with a damp cloth. The high battery capacity means that you may work throughout the day without having to recharge the batteries. When the working day is over, the reader may be recharged with a network cable or separate in-car charger.

Data exchange

The reader is supplied with an USB and RS 232 interface as standard. The RS 232 interface and separate cable kit allow the reader to be connected to scales.

Bluetooth interface is available, but can’t be combined with RS 232 interface. With Bluetooth, the reader may communicate with e.g. scales and most android smartphones.

NB: All communication with pc is done through the USB cable.

Stationary readers

We collaborate on reading equipment with the Norwegian company BioControl AS. OS ID deals in handheld readers and can provide advice on stationary readers.

Key features

  • Supplementary data may be registered directly into the reader
  • Reads ISO 11784/11785 HDX (Combi E30 ear tags) and FDX-B transponders (Combi E23 ear tags)
  • May be synchronised with stationary readers
  • Interchangeable short or long antenna and panel antenna
  • Secure reading with audio and light signals
  • Large memory: capable of storing thousands of animal numbers with supplementary information
  • Battery capacity for more than one whole day’s registration
  • User software may be downloaded into the reader

The reader is supplied with the following equipment as standard:

  • Short or long antenna
  • USB and RS 232 interface
  • User guide
  • Combined charging and USB cable
  • Bag


  • Short or long antenna
  • Panel antenna
  • RS 232 cable kit
  • In-car charger
  • Portable printer