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Identification Monitoring

OS ID products track the identity of livestock and enable the collection of valuable data on the animals’ health, welfare and productivity. The data provides oversight and insight, allowing the farmer to streamline and improve his business. We call it livestock intelligence! Smart use of data and resources helps ensure sustainable production of the most important commodity in the world – the food we eat.

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The basis for intelligent livestock management

Identification is the basis for gathering and managing livestock information. Today it is also a cornerstone of official identification and in animal and food traceability, key to meeting the growing consumer demand to know the origin of food products. Animal identification is also essential for allowing farmers to differentiate themselves based on good management, animal welfare, health, and nutrition.

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Livestock intelligence

By putting intelligent, actionable management information into farmers’ hands, our solutions empower them to act in a timely manner to safeguard their animals’ health and wellbeing, while achieving optimal production outcomes for a healthy food supply.

Smart use of livestock data

Our expertise

OS ID has been tagging living livelihood since 1936. We are part of MSD Animal Health Intelligence, the world’s leading animal intelligence group, providing world-class devices for animal identification and traceability.

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Tissue sampling

Our tissue sampling solutions include varied animal-friendly tags and units for the easy and cost-effective taking of biopsies from the ears of cattle, sheep, swine and other species.

Our tissue sampling products

Increase efficiency and improve animal welfare with SenseHub

SenseHub monitoring system collects and analyzes critical data points for every individual animal, delivering timely reproduction, health and nutrition insights. Using SenseHub, producers can increase efficiency, improve livestock wellbeing, and drive prosperity for their farms and families.

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