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Identification Monitoring

OS ID visual and electronic identification ear tags provide traceability down to the level of the individual animal, which is a fundamental requirement for the effective management and protection of the food chain. This also allows farmers to meet the growing consumer demand for information about food origin.

Using SenseHub monitoring tags and collars which collect animal data, farmers are able to better manage their livestocks’ health and wellbeing, whilst also improving productivity, profitability and sustainability.

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The basis for intelligent livestock management

Identification is the basis for gathering and managing livestock information. Today it is also a cornerstone of official identification and in animal and food traceability, key to meeting the growing consumer demand to know the origin of food products. Animal identification is also essential for allowing farmers to differentiate themselves based on good management, animal welfare, health, and nutrition.

Our identification solutions

Tissue sampling

Our tissue sampling solutions include varied animal-friendly tags and units for the easy and cost-effective taking of biopsies from the ears of cattle, sheep, swine and other species. Lab analysis of the sample indicates the disease status of the animal and or can be used for genomic prediction, allowing the farmer to make intelligent management decisions.

Our tissue sampling products

True sustainability

Satisfying the increasing demand for protein while protecting the natural resource base is one of the major challenges facing food production today. To address this, advanced livestock management solutions are needed to strike a balance between productivity and sustainability.


Smart use of animal data

The technology used in our SenseHub monitoring solution tracks the animal’s identity and allows valuable data to be collected and used. Together with the ear tag as the animal’s unique identifier, our solutions help the farmer to monitor critical factors such as health, behaviour and performance.

Traceability and monitoring solutions

Increase efficiency and improve animal welfare with SenseHub

SenseHub monitoring system collects and analyzes critical data points for every individual animal, delivering timely reproduction, health and nutrition insights. Using SenseHub, producers can increase efficiency, improve livestock wellbeing, and drive prosperity for their farms and families.

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