True sustainability

Livestock production is the world’s largest user of land area and a major user of water. Production is increasing rapidly due to population growth, rising incomes and changes in dietary habits. In fact, the total demand for animal products in developing countries is expected to double by 2030.

Satisfying this demand while protecting the natural resource base is one of the major challenges facing food production today. To address this, advanced livestock management solutions are needed to strike a balance between productivity and sustainability.

We offer full animal identification, enabling farmers to track the identity of their livestock and collect valuable data on the animals’ health, welfare and productivity. We do also provide SenseHub, a sophisticated, but user-friendly, cow monitoring solution that delivers actionable information on the reproductive, health, nutritional and wellbeing status of individual cows and groups.


We provide intelligent and tamper-proof visual and electronic identification products, ranging from ear tags and radio-frequency identification (RFID) readers to applicators, collars and bells. We also offer tissue sampling solutions using animal-friendly tags for taking biopsies in an easy, cost-effective manner.

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Moreover, our company has innovated special product features. These include the use of high-quality plastic and a unique, patented locking mechanism that makes reuse of the tags impossible. We haves also patented an eco-friendly production method that reduces plastic packaging and waste.

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The SenseHub monitoring solution collect and analyze critical data points for every individual animal, delivering timely reproduction, health and nutrition insights. Using our monitoring solutions, producers can increase efficiency, improve livestock wellbeing, and drive prosperity for their farms and families.

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Meets the consumer demand for food origin information

OS ID visual and electronic identification tags provide traceability down to the level of the individual animal, which is a fundamental requirement for the effective management and protection of the food chain. This also allows farmers to meet the growing consumer demand for information about food origin.

Using SenseHub monitoring tags and collars which collect animal data, farmers are able to better manage their livestocks’ health and wellbeing, whilst also improving productivity, profitability and sustainability.

Our products connect to official livestock databases in countries with mandatory tagging schemes, enabling farmers to easily comply with national reporting requirements. In addition, livestock data allows farmers to differentiate themselves in the market based on sustainable management, animal welfare, health and nutrition.

NCE Heidner Biocluster

We are a member of NCE Heidner Biocluster, Norway’s national cluster for bioeconomy and sustainable food production.