Connecting animals and people for a smarter future

OS ID products track the identity of livestock and enable the collection of valuable data on the animals’ health, welfare and productivity. The data provides oversight and insight, allowing the farmer to streamline and improve his business. We call it livestock intelligence! Smart use of data and resources helps ensure sustainable production of the most important commodity in the world – the food we eat.

Livestock intelligence

Livestock are living assets. They are the farmer’s means of production. Livestock are vital to farmers, consumers and society at large. Our identification systems secure the animal’s identity from birth to slaughter enabling traceability and documentation throughout the whole value chain. The SenseHub monitoring solution which collect animal data, combined with support from OS ID, enables farmers to better manage their livestocks’ health and wellbeing, whilst also improving productivity, profitability and sustainability.

We are part of MSD Animal Health Intelligence, the world’s leading animal intelligence group, providing world-class devices for animal identification and traceability. OS ID has a presence in many countries on several continents. This provides our customers and partners with direct access to the most cutting edge livestock intelligence technology in the world.

An efficient and interesting day’s work

Ear tags from OS ID combined with readers, monitoring applications, automated machinery and other devices save the farmer time. One can also rest assured that the data extracted are 100% reliable. These aids let the farmer easily register and monitor animals – both on the farm and when on pasture.

When the farmer can keep an eye on his animals – at any time, wherever he is – and production is flowing effectively, time previously spent on manual control can be devoted to something more productive.

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Specialist expertise

OS ID has been tagging living livelihood since 1936. We are now a world-leading technology provider in our industry. We employ talented and dedicated people specialising in livestock intelligence.

Some of us have years of experience, while others are bringing new expertise to the table. We have representatives in several countries, and many of us are livestock owners with first-hand knowledge of animal husbandry. This provides us with specialist expertise on livestock intelligence.

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