At our customer center you will meet our skilled employees. Some of us are also livestock owners and farmers.

We provide our customers with information about everything from ear tagging regulations and correct application of ear tags to products supply. In short, we can help you!

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If you have any questions or would like to talk to us, please call us (tel. 00 47 62 49 77 00), send us an email or chat with us on Facebook’s Messenger.

Foto: Salgssjef ID Ståle Berre

Ståle Berre
Sales manager, Norway

Hege Iren Selboe
Customer advisor and team manager

Ole Michal Ryen
Customer advisor

Tove Eiren Hummellvoll
Customer advisor

Foto: Monica Engan, kundebehandler

Monica Engan
Customer advisor

Foto: Camilla Telnes kunderådgiver aktivitetsmåling OS ID kundesenter

Camilla Telnes
Customer advisor SenseHub

Foto: bent Olav Langbekkhei, medarbeider på OS IDs kundesenter

Bernt Olav Langbekkhei
Customer & Brand Specialist, SenseHub