Improve animal care and increase productivity with smart use of data

Our solutions empower farmers to act in a timely manner to trace animals and safeguard their health and wellbeing, while achieving optimal production outcomes for a healthy, sustainable food supply.

The technology used in our SenseHub monitoring solution tracks the animal’s identity and allows valuable data to be collected and used. Together with the ear tag as the animal’s unique identifier, our solutions help the farmer to monitor critical factors such as health, behaviour and performance. This keeps the livestock owner one step ahead and allows him to act before problems arise or illness occurs.

Foto: lam og bonde

Owner codes and animal identification numbers are included in data flows between dairies, abattoirs, agricultural extension services, vets and authorities. This keeps traceability and documentation secure and simple throughout the value chain.

Smart use of animal data increases productivity

Electronic ear tagging allows the farmer to extract and use data in a highly efficient way. Not only does it automate a number of labour-intensive processes; it also lets the farmer analyse the data so that he can quickly make the necessary changes to further streamline his operations and increase productivity.

OS ID Tissue Sampling Tags (TST) and OS ID Tissue Sampling Units (TSU) take a biopsy of the ear as part of a routine management task. Lab analysis of the sample indicates the disease status of the animal and or can be used for genomic prediction, allowing the farmer to make intelligent management decisions.

Foto: Bonde og kalv med TST-øremerker