Combi E23 FDX ear tag

Electronic ear tag for sheep, goats, pigs and deer
  • Electronic ear tag
  • Ø:23 mm
  • Weight: 2.8 g
  • Weight with Mini male part: 4.5 g
  • Weight with Small male part: 5.2
  • May be combined with Combi 3000 Mini or Small male part
  • FDX-B-technology, 134,2 kHz
  • ICAR approved (ISO 11784 and 11785)
  • The tags are applied with Combi Junior, a lightweight aluminium applicator suitable for all Combi 3000 non-electronic ear tags and all Combi E electronic ear tags.


  • Supplied in red, green, blue, yellow, orange, grey and pink
  • Combi 3000 male part is supplied in red, green, blue, yellow, orange, grey, white, pink, violet and salmon

Our electronic ear tags are ICAR approved. This means that they satisfy international standards for electronic identification of farm animals – ISO 11784 and ISO 11785. This also means that the ear tags are compatible with electronic scales, reading equipment and other installations that comply with the standards.

Safe tagging

Combi tags are Europe’s most popular tagging system for farm animals. For livestock owners and other participants in the production chain, Combi tags are a sign of quality. They safeguard the animal’s identity from birth to slaughter enabling traceability and documentation throughout the whole value chain. CombiE tags are approved as official means of identification in many countries in several parts of the world.

Secure locking system

Combi tags have a special strong locking mechanism. The unique locking principle has been patented and re-use of the tag is impossible. The lock contains no metal parts and may be recycled. Patent no. 304771.

Optimum retention

Combi tags are made from a soft and flexible special plastic compound which can tolerate significant temperature variation, sunlight and extreme wear and tear throughout the life of the animal. The material and shape ensure a secure fit.

Laser printing

Numbers and letters are printed by laser into the plastic tag and are clear and easy to read. The print lasts for the duration of the animal’s life.
Simple, animal-friendly application

Combi tags are applied with the Combi Junior or Combi Senior applicator. The surface of the wound heals quickly. An enclosed shaft tip prevents contagion.

Ultrasonic welding

We are the only manufacturer to use ultrasonic welding to attach readymanufactured CombiE ear tags. The method is both environmentally and user friendly, making cardboard and tape redundant. The female and male tag parts are welded together into one strip and the tags are released in one simple hand movement. Patent no. 320230.


CombiE ear tags are supplied in three different sizes and meet the requirements for the tagging of cattle, sheep, goats, pigs and deer.


  • The Combi E23 female tag part is supplied in red, green, blue, yellow, orange, grey and pink
  • The Combi E30 female tag part is supplied in yellow
  • The Combi E30 Flag female tag part is supplied in yellow
  • The Combi 3000 male tag parts are supplied in red, green, blue, yellow, orange, grey, white, violet, pink and salmon-pink.
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